Design Life Now

26 10 2007


Having spent the last two weeks in one of the best cities that I have ever visited, Boston, I felt it only right that a visit to a culturally significant spot was a good way to kill some time.  So having done the freedom trail, I thought it best to get some research in!

A trip to the Institute of Contempory Arts (ICA) led to the ‘Design Life Now’ exhibition, something that is well worth checking out for designers of all shapes and sizes, and was recommended to me by a good friend, Ian Holohan.  The exhibition takes in the most up-to-date, cool and contemporary design work from all aspects of the design world.  From graphics to furniture, from architecture to photography, and product design to fashion, it covers all of the bases and should give you enough stimulation to take something away with you.  A bit of guerilla photography never goes amiss either!!!

On top of this, there is the extremely interesting ‘Accumulations’ exhibition, showing some of the worlds finest contemporary sculptures and pieces of art (be careful not to touch the cube of balanced pins named ‘Pins’ otherwise the exhibition police will jump on you and tie you down!!!).

If you are in the Boston area this is definately worth a look, and at $11 its a steal.




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